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Mashblox® supports best practice in infant feeding, by engaging them with good food, and allowing your children to feed themselves only as much as they need.
Fill mashblox® with healthy foods of your choosing, and let their playful instincts and natural curiosity to explore with their hands and mouth do the rest!

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Turn inside out easily to clean
  • Can be boiled and sterilised
  • BPA free, medical grade silicone
  • Fridge and freezer safe
  • Microwave and oven safe to 180°C
  • Choking hazard safe: ISO 8124.1 certified
  • Always wash thoroughly before and between uses
  • Store right way in, away from sharp objects and discard at any signs of damage

Warning: You should always test the food temperature yourself, before giving to your baby. Not to be used unsupervised.
Mashblox® may be discoloured by different types of food.


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Mashblox® supports independent, empowered feeding from 6 months to 4 years, and from puree to mush to jelly to spaghetti to sultanas, they can be used for different foods and textures as your bub grows.

Our mission is to harness your child’s natural instincts to develop a healthy relationship with food from the start – by encouraging self-feeding.



Introduce new solids easily
Many babies need to be offered a new food 10 times before they’ll eat it.
Mashblox® are a safe, fun and engaging way to offer new foods that are often rejected on site.

Practical baby-led weaning
The benefits of BLW are well known, but it can either be a choking risk or very messy when babies feed themselves. Mashblox® safely contains and lets babies feed themselves mush foods.

Develop fine motor skills
Babies lack the dexterity to use cutlery, but we can help

Toddlers and up:

Prepare food in mashblox® in advance and serve at mealtimes.

Manage fussy eating
If your child is already used to eating out of mashblox®, then they can’t pretend they don’t like a food based on how it looks on the plate.

Stress free meal times
By engaging and entertaining children with their food, they’re less likely to create their own “entertainment” by acting out at dinner time.

See how much your child is eating
Do you stress about whether your bub is eating or wearing more of their food? With mashblox® you can easily keep track, and less of it ends up on the floor.


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  1. Shayne Bellato

    Went from my young son not even wanting certain foods on his plate to happily playing with them when using the little Mashblox cubes. Was a big win for us. Good product, clever idea.

  2. Dawn O’Hara (verified owner)

    A clever idea, giving the child autonomy in its food habits from an early age, love the packaging and useful recipe suggestions.

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