Mashblox: A Canberra born solution for fussy eating

The invention of a creative Canberran is set to make feeding time less stressful and cleaner.



Best in Business

I believe I won Canberra Young Businesswoman of the Year 2017 for my focus in academic research of hypothesised product benefits to infant health, which I've melded into my business model.



Her Canberra women at work: Alix O’Hara

As Alix explains the inspiration behind mashblox, the toddler was using the apple both as food and as a fun ball to roll along on the ground. He might have just been playing, but that toddler had unknowingly inspired Alix to create something that could change the way children eat, forever.


Entrepreneur with a passion to feed fussy infants named Canberra’s Young Businesswoman of the Year

Alix is one of five enterprising Canberra women who were awarded prestigious Canberra Women in Business Awards at a Gala Dinner at the Hyatt Hotel last Friday night, 19th August.


Mashblox® innovates infant eating

The mashblox® innovation, inspiration and benefits to infant feeding practices


Canberra Women in Innovation

If you have an idea, just start. Find out who can help you make it happen, listen to them and get involved. Accept and make peace with not knowing everything about whatever you’re doing – you’ll learn what you need as you need it.


The Health Horizon

Keep an eye on Mashblox® progress on The Health Horizon: tracking innovations in health and research.